Tom Coughlin wants to get back in coaching, understands age is an issue

Coughlin technically “stepped down” as head coach of the Giants, although he lateradmitted the team forced him out. It was pretty obvious to anyone watching the press conference. He would expand on what happened at the end with King but confirmed he remains “disappointed” by the team’s decision.

“I’m not gonna go there. Fifteen years in the organization, and I’ll stand by that,” Coughlin said. “I’m disappointed how it ended, but I had a lot of great times there. I’ll be rooting for them every time they play.”

Add an asterisk on there if Coughlin ends up coming back to coaching. It’s also hard to believe he’s thrilled with how the offseason played out. After getting scapegoated (GM Jerry Reese kept his job) and seeing the same essential staff put in place (McAdoo was his offensive coordinator), the Giants went out and spent big money in free agency.

They re-upped Jason Pierre-Paul and paid big money for Damon Harrison, Janoris Jenkins and Olivier Vernon to improve a debilitated defense.

It was a very un-Giants like offseason, the sort of high-priced purchases Coughlin never really got during his tenure.

Not that he ever needed more motivation to prove he can coach well, but the Giants definitely gave him some over the last few months.

If Las Vegas can’t work things out with the Raiders, then the city has a backup plan: The San Diego Chargers.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman revealed on Thursday that her city views the Chargers as Plan B if the Raiders end up staying in Oakland. During an interview onthe Dan Patrick Show, Goodman was asked directly if she thought a Chargers move to Vegas was an option.

“To me, yes,” Goodman said. “I know they’re absolutely looking to move.”

The mayor then pointed out that she has personal ties to the Chargers and the Chargers have personal ties to Vegas.

As Fisher alluded to, the actual football that goes on during rookie minicamp isn’t the important part. Instead, it’s the mental side of the game that takes on importance, as Goff begins to immerse himself in the playbook.

Or as Goff put it, he almost has to learn an entirely “different language” this summer.

Goodman said she told Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, “to get us a team two years ago.” She said the Chargers seemed more viable at the time because of the connection to Las Vegas with the Spanos family, which owns the Chargers.