Jerry Jones not looking forward to seeing Tony Romo in different uniform

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he hasn’t considered the possibility of Tony Romo playing for another NFC team because he doesn’t want to think about it.

“That bothers the heck out of me because I know wherever he goes, he’ll start. I know wherever he goes, he’ll compete, absent injury,” Jones said Friday on J Dub City on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM.

“We saw a guy [Tom Brady] several years older than him win a Super Bowl. I think he’s that kind of player, so you’ve dealt in your own conference, somebody that has the possibility to come back and beat us.”

Dak Prescott passed for more than 3,600 yards with 23 touchdowns and four interceptions this past season. He’s the starter, and it’s unlikely Romo wants to remain on the roster as a backup.

It’s unlikely that Tony Romo will want to stay on the Cowboys’ roster as a backup.

Romo probably will be released or traded during the offseason. It’ll probably happen sooner rather than later because Romo’s new team will want the 36-year-old in his new city as soon as possible to learn the offense and develop a rapport with his teammates.

Why not both? The Bears are absolutely positioned to draft an impact player at No. 3 — whether it be Alabama’s Jonathan Allen, one of the quarterbacks, one of the highly rated safeties or cornerbacks, etc. Alshon Jeffery is independent of that. That situation is all about money. Despite Jeffery’s issues the past two years (injuries and suspension), the Bears still like him.

But at what cost? That’s the core issue. If Jeffery reaches free agency, he will command a multiyear deal that puts him somewhere in the top tier of his position. Some team will pay him a lot of money.

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