The theory is that it’s much harder for a batter to pull an outside pitch.

“Tom, if you’re listening, in 2010, you said you were going to send me your jersey,” Marshall said in a message to Brady sent through Sporting News. “I asked after the game, and I Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses asked if you would give me your jersey. You said, ‘I will but I can’t give it to you now. I’ll have our guys send it.’

“I never received it. So Tom Brady, I need the jersey, brother.”

Marshall sent his message to Brady during a conversation with SN on Tuesday after the receiver’s participation in the Gatorade Beat the Heat program for youth athletes in New Jersey. Now, as has been the case for years, he waits.

The league average in 0-2 counts is .164/.193/.252. That’s pretty putrid, but considering the hitter is four balls from a walk but only one strike from an out, you would expect such a slash line. Now hold that thought because here’s Bogaerts with two strikes: .302/.302/.476. This single approach shows up in his spray charts too. Aside from pulling ground ball outs, Bogaerts’ hits are mostly evenly spread around the field. Because the league is so focused on power, pitchers are focused on preventing power. They do this by pitching outside, outside, outside and also outside.

The theory is that it’s much harder for a batter to pull an outside pitch. That might work against someone looking to pull the ball, but Bogaerts is not trying to pull pitches for power; he’s doing what you always hear announcers (and your high school coach) preach: hitting the ball Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale where it’s pitched. Your high school coach would love Xander Bogaerts.

Kearse’s fade and Lockett’s setbacks opened the door for 2014 second-round pick Paul Richardson

We’re not sure what the record for fastest inside-the-park homer is but Orlando Arcia certainly made it around the bases quick enough to not have to slide. That’s one way to tally a homer.

Doug Baldwin returns as the gritty No. 1 and will remain Wilson’s top target Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys everywhere on the field. But the Seahawks are banking on being more dynamic behind him. Jermaine Kearse, the one-time go-to field-stretcher, disappeared in 2016. That especially hurt because speedy playmaker Tyler Lockett couldn’t get going in Year 2 thanks to knee, thigh and leg injuries. The latest of the three, a broken fibula and tibia, has put Lockett on the mend, trying to get back to full speed between training camp and Week 1. They would like Lockett to step into a big role if possible.

Kearse’s fade and Lockett’s setbacks opened the door for 2014 second-round pick Paul Richardson, right when he shook off his own health issues. He delivered his career worth of highlights in the playoff games against Detroit and Atlanta. He deserves the opportunity to make more big plays as a No. 3, ahead of Kearse and opposite Lockett when Baldwin is working the slot. A Richardson-Kearse battle will develop, and there’s even a chance he can push Lockett in the pecking order.

Third-round rookie Amara Darboh fits the profile of Seahawks’ wideouts with size (6-2, 215 pounds), route running and sneaky speed. Unless the team cuts Kearse, however, Darboh can’t expect to see more than a handful of snaps. The explosiveness of this unit is in good shape to be restored. That will help Wilson push the ball downfield better again, and in turn, open things up for Lacy and Cheap Ireland Jerseys Rawls in the power running game.

Jimmy Butler vents about Bulls trade, rumors, Fred Hoiberg, T-Wolves future

One day after being traded from the Bulls to the Timberwolves during Thursday’s NBA Draft, Jimmy Butler spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times about his future in Minnesota and the drama he will be leaving behind despite being told he was the face of the franchise in Chicago.

“It doesn’t mean a damn thing,” Butler told the Sun-Times on Friday in a phone interview. “I guess being called the face of an organization isn’t as good as I thought. We all see where being the so-called face of the Chicago Bulls got me. So let me be just a player for the Timberwolves, man. That’s all I want to do. I just want to be winning games. Do what I can for my respective organization and let them realize what I’m trying to do.

The offseason is a grind. There’s such a short break, especially for playoff teams, between the end of the season and the start of offseason workouts. Once teams get through mandatory minicamp, it’s time to unwind. What better way to do that than a friendly beer pong competition among teammates?

You might think an offensive lineman or one of the big guys on the other side of the ball would be best suited for this, just because their size would mean they have greater tolerance. But I’d put my money on Raiders punter Marquette King if Oakland decided to go the beer pong route.

The Rams traded the No. 45 pick they got from the Cowboys Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys to the Bears for the No. 50 pick and a fifth-rounder. Pead was involved in a single-car accident in November 2016 and lost part of his leg, ending his career. His time with the Rams was marred by injury and a substance abuse suspension, and he had brief stints with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins after three years in St. Louis.