Gregg Popovich rips into Donald Trump over immigration ban

Gregg Popovich has been outspoken on his disdain for President Donald Trump, so it’s unsurprising he had a strong opinion over Trump’s latest executive order that bans immigrants from seven countries from entering the U.S.

The Spurs coach even went as far as to liken the situation to Keystone Kops, a reference to incompetent police officers often featured in silent films during the 1920s.

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Elliott, who was never charged with domestic violence, said the relationship was purely sexual. He has denied abusing the woman in any way.

The NFL has yet to take action against Elliott for that accusation. The second-year rusher is also in hot water for driving 100 mph in a 70 mph zone and, most recently, for allegedly assaulting a man in a Dallas club.

He has only been charged with the speeding incident, since the alleged Cheap Dri Fit Jerseys victim in the bar fight is not cooperating with Dallas police.

While that’s technically true, it still doesn’t diminish the accomplishment. What Popovich has built with the Spurs is remarkable, and he’s done a Cheap Epl Jerseys great job maintaining success throughout his coaching years.