Even with Rockets emerging as contenders, Warriors still hold major championship advantage

That’s where two of the top bits of trade bait in the league come in — Lou Williams of the Clippers and Tyreke Evans of the Grizzlies are both very much available for first-round picks. Williams is averaging 23.5 points in LA, and Evans is averaging 19.5 in Memphis. Each is over 39 percent from the 3-point line this year, a key for the Celtics’ bench. SN sources have confirmed other reports that Boston is very interested in the two.

Shad Moss, better known as rapper/actor Bow Wow, shared a video Tuesday afternoon showing the “Like Mike” star defeating Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball in a shooting contest. Bow Wow even edited the video to include one of his own songs in the background as he celebrated his victory.

Still, Ball is a professional basketball player and should not lose to a person who only starred as a professional basketball player in a major motion picture. He will get roasted by those young teens on the internet, but that’s what happens in these situations.

All five of them rate out as elite offensive rebounders, and four of the five lead the league in defensive rebound rate. The fifth — Adams — tops the league in box outs and is famous for letting Russell Westbrook grab defensive boards.

All of these things logically makes sense, but it’s good to have them laid out clearly. Gafford has the potential to check all those boxes, and then some.

At this point, the Arkansas freshman would slot in with a late lottery grade — somewhere between picks 11 and 14 — on my draft board, but front offices should rightfully evaluate whether they can achieve similar value with another center later in the draft. Both Capela and Jordan were draft day steals, for example, with the former going to the Rockets late in the first round and the latter to the Clippers early in the second.

However, Gafford’s potential rim protection is an important wrinkle that allows him to bring value to an NBA team in a way similar to Capela as an elite rim-running, rim-protecting center. Despite Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys having less margin for error, those centers are still valuable for many teams in the league.

All statistics sourced from Sports-Reference and current as of March 1, 2018 unless otherwise noted.

From there, the best bet teams with cap space have is a bustling group of restricted free agents. These are the castoff members of the draft Class of 2014, which saw only four first-rounders receive extensions last offseason, and provide the best opportunities for teams struggling to attract Authentic Cheap Jerseys From China free agents to unearth some gems.

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