The NFLPA said it was disappointed with the disinvite.

Trump — who has previously flubbed the words to the anthem and needed to be reminded by the First Lady to put his hand over his heart — has followed this playbook before. A year ago, he uninvited Stephen Curry of the NBA-champion Golden State Warriors after Curry already said he wouldn’t Giants Cheap Jerseys attend. The rest of the Warriors opted not to make the trip either. On Tuesday, LeBron James and Curry both said they don’t expect this year’s NBA champs to visit the White House.

While quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Nick Foles each said that they planned to join players in attending the White House, some prominent players — Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, and Torrey Smith — all publicly said they’d skip the event.

Smith — like Jenkins — pointed out that no Eagles players even kneeled during the anthem during the 2017 season. Both Long and Zach Ertz also railed against Fox News for using photographs of players praying and trying to misrepresent them as protesting. Fox News later apologized.

Ask them about Donovan McNabb. If their answer begins with a quizzical look, similar to a dog’s reaction to hearing a clarinet for the first time, they are not from Philadelphia. If their answer begins with a furrowed brow and the muffled sound of their entire brain screaming, they’re legit.

Ask them the appropriate setting to wear a Brian Westbrook jersey. If they answer a football game, they are posers. If they answer my child’s First Communion, they check out.

Use jawn in a sentence. This is an easy one. Jawn can be used to described just about anything. You could even say Bring that jawn to the jawn or I’m outta this jawn and that’d be an acceptable answer.

Have you heard anyone mention Wawa? Then there are probably zero Eagles fans Kobe Bryant Cheap Jerseys in the vicinity. If they say they prefer GetGo, they’ve been bussed in from Western Pennsylvania.

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