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Watch: Retired RB Rashard Mendenhall shows off karate tetherball skills

Revis’ return to the Jets was not the honeymoon everyone expected, as his play fell off a cliff the last two seasons. He can still play football; just not anywhere close to the level he played at in the past.

Revis’ situation is complicated, because the Jets owe him $6 million. So unless a team pays him more than $6 million, he will earn the same sitting on the couch as he would playing football. If not for that guarantee, he would probably be employed somewhere right now for $1.5 million-$2 million, but with no financial incentive, he might sit out.

Sitting out might make it harder for Revis to find a job next season, but the odds would be against him receiving a lucrative contract in 2018 even if he did play this year. There is probably no real benefit for a team to take on the injury risk. Revis could be a mid-season addition to a contender, but don’t be surprised if we don’t see him play in 2017.

When Rashard Mendenhall isn’t enjoying the luxury of retired life, he’s maintaining his athletic talents.

In a 72-second video posted on his Twitter account Monday night, the former Steelers running back showed off his tetherball skills while doing karate.

Mendenhall had shared another video of himself practicing karate a few days Cheap Jerseys NBA earlier on Saturday, which showed the retired rusher moving around the inside of a dance studio in a black leotard.

Mendenhall, 29, was selected 23rd overall by Pittsburgh in the Cheap Jerseys Made In USA 2008 NFL Draft. After six seasons, which also included a one-year stint with the Cardinals, the Super Bowl XLIII champion retired from football. Mendenhall has most recently worked as a staff writer and story editor for the HBO series “Ballers.”