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2017 NFL mock draft database: Which player is each team projected to pick?

Now that the 2016 NFL season is over, all eyes turn to the 2017 offseason. The big event is the NFL draft, scheduled for April 27-29 in Philadelphia.

The Cleveland Browns are at the top of the draft order following their 1-15 season, but they also have the No. 12 selection thanks to a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016. While there’s still time for players to climb up or slide down boards, Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is the near consensus choice to be Cleveland’s No. 1 pick.

By surveying as many mock drafts as possible, we can get a good idea of the directions experts expect most teams to go.

With a lot of similar colors, I know some of the slices can be hard to tell apart (sorry, Raiders fans). Hover over or click on the chart and it’ll show the numbers and name for each individual slice. It also can be read like a clock with the names on the right representing the slices clockwise around the chart.
All the mock drafts used are listed at the bottom.

Webb and Mahomes are bigger and more athletic than most of their brethren. Both Cheap Liverpool Jerseys have NFL height, both ran about 4.8 40s despite weighing around 230, Webb otherwise impressed at the combine, and Mahomes ran for 22 college TDs.

Mahomes’ 2016 passer rating of 156.96 would’ve ranked No. 12 on this list of 66 seasons Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys by air raid QBs, behind the best years of Keenum, Beck, Smith, Kolb, and so forth. Webb’s 135.62 … wouldn’t.

NFL folks say completion percentage and games started are the most telling college QB stats. The efficient air raid should mean a leg up in the former.