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Tyronn Lue says coaching Cavaliers is ‘the hardest job’ in NBA

It’s not easy being an NBA coach, but apparently coaching the Cavaliers is even rougher.

Tyronn Lue opened up about leading the Cavs, who won their first NBA championship last year and are in the running to win their second in a row.

“It’s the hardest job, by far,” Lue said on ESPN’s NBA Lockdown podcast. “It’s the hardest job. But I’ve been through a lot of tough things in my life anyway, and I just try not to listen to the outside noise — to the media and what they have to say. As long as I have the support of [Cavs general manager] David Griffin, [principal owner] Dan Gilbert, my players, the city of Cleveland, the state of Ohio, as Cheap Replica Jerseys long as I have that support, that’s all that matters.”

According to Lue, the hardest part about being at the helm of the team isn’t the players or the pressure from winning games, but the scrutiny they all face from the media and trying to not lose his cool.

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