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Draymond Green calls Kelly Olynyk a dirty player: ‘I don’t respect guys like that’

The Warriors don’t necessarily have to care about the Wizards-Celtics series, but Draymond Green is keeping an eye on it and was upset about Kelly Oubre’s suspension for Game 4.

Oubre was punished by the league after he went after and Cheap Reversible Jerseys For Basketball ran into Kelly Olynyk after the Celtics player set a hard screen.

Green addressed the topic on his podcast “Dray Day,” saying Olynyk flopped and that it was “ridiculous” that Oubre was suspended for what ended up being a game and a half since he was kicked out of the game for the incident. Then Green attacked Olynyk’s character by calling him a “dirty player.”

He continued to discuss the Oubre play before coming back to Olynyk.

James said he didn’t know all the details of the story because he has been off social media but still did his best to talk about the subject. He took some time to provide a thoughtful response.

“It’s a delicate situation. Racism, we know, exists. You try not to put yourself in a position, for me as a father, I try to give my kids the blueprint on how life is gonna be. But at the end of the day, I can only tell them so much, and they have to live it themselves. For me, I just try to be respectful, for one, respectful to others, and I feel like if you do that consistently, then I believe the karma will come back to you.