World’s No. 4 most deadly spider attacks No. 2 deadliest snake

Growing up in Australia I saw a lot of weird animal-based stuff — but nothing compares to seeing a Redback spider fight an Eastern brown snake. This video, seemingly shot at a car repair shop, shows the spider halt the snake in its tracks with its web and proceed to come down and bite it.

This behavior is very rare for a Redback. They’re known for eating insects and even small lizards that get trapped in a web, but eating a snake is an entirely different thing. Typically the spider will inject its venom into the animal, liquefying its innards before returning to drink it.

The juvenile brown snake didn’t stand a chance.

The leading returning receiver had 12 catches in 2015. An underachieving line has to replace three two-year starters. And a defense that was only decent at big-play prevention must replace its top two safeties and four of its top six tacklers on the line.
Muschamp got a roster with precious little NFL talent.

Every year, though. Every danged year. It’s fun to poke fun at the Cardinals, just like it’s fun for them to poke back with their success. But take just one second out of your day to think about how deflating it is to expect the fun that comes with watching an excellent starting pitcher, only to have it ripped away in a single newsflash. It is one of the worst parts of being a sports fan, and there isn’t much that’s close.

The Cardinals have to deal with that feeling annually. That doesn’t mean you can’t hate them when they’re back in the NLCS. It just means that you shouldn’t feel weak when you feel sympathy for them after their annual rotation surprise. It’s perfectly understandable. They have a weird, unfortunate, and horrible tradition, and it makes me feel worse for them every season.

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