Fort Worth Zoo names baby giraffe Beltre and baseball got a lot cuter

Choosing names for animals is hard — shoot, choosing names in general is hard. That’s how you end up with names like, uh … Patrick.

But here’s one name that was easy to pick — and amazing, too. The Fort Worth Zoo just named a baby giraffe calf “Beltre,” after Texas Rangers star Adrian Beltre, who just got his 3,000th career hit. And, yes, baby Beltre is cute:

But it’s even cooler as a tribute to Beltre, who just became the 31st player EVER to have 3,000 hits. And what better way to celebrate that than to have a giraffe named after you? That’s every athlete’s dream.

And now, to bring the two worlds together perfectly… enjoy this photo of Beltre the giraffe flipping a bat like the real Beltre might.

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Except in the late ‘20s/early ‘30s, when teams scored roughly 50 runs per game, you had …

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