He’s also a father of three and probably more mature than most kids coming out of college and into the NFL.

“I am upset, but realize that I am powerless when false accusations are made and people try to convict you in the court of public opinion,” Conley said in his statement. “It’s sad that your name can get dragged through the mud based upon untrue and malicious allegations alone.”

According to the police report, the alleged incident occurred April 9, when a 23-year-old woman told police she met Conley in the elevator of the downtown hotel and he brought her back to his hotel room. She alleged that after she declined an offer of group sex with Conley and two friends, Conley had sex with her and then kicked her out of the room.

“My dad was a big Eagles fan, a big Randall Cunningham fan, and I grew up with a Donovan McNabb jersey,’’ Kizer said. “I like to say he was my first-ever quarterback coach from watching YouTube videos of him. I remember specifically my dad showing me a video of how McNabb pronated his fingers out [on throws] and I had never pronated my fingers out. He will forever be one of my favorite quarterbacks of all time.’’

Tamba Hali had been one of the league’s hottest pass-rushers, but matched up mostly against left tackle , he rarely got close to quarterback Campbell.Later, Price thwarted Doan on a partial break.The initial story they shared made it sound like Blackwood spent the entire game on his cell phone, but when I approached this person about using the information they shared with us for this piece, he said that yes, Blackwood did spend a lot of time on his phone, more than he should have, but the story was told exaggerated tone for the laughs, something we all do and can relate to.

The question in this Super Bowl LI rematch is whether the Falcons still carry the baggage from the 25-point lead they blew in the title game, whether the numbers 28-3 are still stamped on their psyches.

“It sucks. There’s no getting around it,” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said this week when addressing the Super Bowl loss. “You hang on to it for a little bit. You’re in kind of your spot, whatever that is, your dark place for a little bit. Then you realize life goes on.”

Whether the Falcons carry the Super Bowl hangover into 2017 or not will determine how good their chances are of returning to the big game.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn already has come up with a mantra to this ’17 season: “Base camp,’’ signifying his team will Cheap To Jerseys be regrouping and restarting the climb again after coming up Cheap Steelers Jerseys just short of the summit.

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