Bucs investigating after angry fan tweets threat to G.M.

It’s OK for a fan to not like a draft pick of his or her favorite team. He can even boo, or set fire to a jersey he bought or something.

But to suggest violence in response to that disagreement’s not acceptable, and Baseball Jerseys it’s amazing that I just spent time typing those words because somebody doesn’t realize that.

Somehow, Rogers felt that was justification to suggest murder. But, he’s not a psycopath, according to his self-diagnosis. He’s apparently just a guy with a skewed reality that makes it OK to joke about a brutal murder in response to a team picking a player other than the one he wanted.

It’s not unprecedented because Jarryd Hayne briefly made the 49ers as a running back and return man despite having only played Australian rugby, not American football, before giving the NFL a shot. Hayne only lasted eight games and says he thinks Mailata needs to understand how steep the learning curve is.

“You can go into the NFL and understand a little bit of what you’re going to learn, but until you sit down in a room and see the playbook, the defensive schemes, it just blows your mind,” Hayne told NRL.com. ”I went in there with some idea, like ‘oh yeah, I kind of get it’ but not only do you have to learn all the schemes, but you also change them every week. And it’s not one of those things where you get time to learn and change them; it’s like ‘BOOM we’re doing this now’ and you’re expected to know it.”

Hayne said a big difference that he struggled with was learning to see the field while wearing a helmet. Hayne infamously muffed the first punt he was sent back to return and Buy Cheap Jerseys Online struggled with seeing with a face mask in front of his eyes.

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