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Week 7 NFL picks straight up: Patriots get Falcons again; Cowboys sneak by 49ers

Division rivals are meeting to gain an early edge, teams are facing make-or-break games trying to stop losing streaks and presumed powers are beginning new realities without their star players. In Week 7, all of that manages to take a back seat to the Super Bowl rematch бн and more references to “28-3” than a franchise, a city and a fan base will be able to stand.

Elliott came into the week averaging just 3.7 yards per carry this season, well below the 5.1 yards he averaged per touch last year. On Sunday, he managed a whopping 5.7 yards per carry. And he recognized the offensive line’s role in that:

The line was solid in the passing game, too. It didn’t allow a sack all game, and Prescott was hit just once. But its impact was seen most in the run game.

Pro Football Focus gave Elliott the highest grade for this game for his dominant play. Right guard Zack Martin and Cooper stood out among the linemen. Martin has played well in general this season, earning PFF’s highest grade along the Cowboys offensive line.

That won’t stop us from fearlessly forecasting and predictably prognosticating. Here are our 15 game picks against the spread for Week 7, which is bound to have a few more surprises.

Week 7 betting lines are courtesy of Bovada. Check back later in the week for updated point spreads.

In the Peyton Manning heyday, the Broncos had a myriad of options who could get get open and beat single coverage beyond Thomas and Sanders. Wideouts Bennie Fowler and Jordan Taylor are not built for prominent roles with Sanders out of the lineup. A.J. Derby is a capable pass-catching tight end, but because of the line woes, the Broncos need more of savvy blocker Virgil Green.

So Sanders can come back, but even then, it’s a more of a Reebok Cheap Jerseys two-dimensional Nike Elite Cheap Jerseys passing game for Denver. The line might have some more stability in time, but the talent isn’t there on the roster to plug the weakest positions.

Packers waive Colby Pearson

The Packers waived receiver Colby Pearson on Wednesday. The team did not announce a corresponding move.

Pearson originally signed with Green Bay as an undrafted free agent on June 1, 2017. He spent the final three weeks of last season on the Packers’ practice squad.

The Packers signed Pearson to a futures contract in January.

[The ejection], that’s an easy one. That’s a clear, unabated path to whoever it is whether it’s the offensive or defensive player, Allen said. You lower your head with really in my mind no attempt to tackle a guy, you just use your head as a weapon, that’s an ejection.

A bidding war between superpowers likely to have to go through each other in the playoffs, plus another few teams, is great for the Padres. Hand has much in common with what the Yankees had in Andrew Miller at the 2016 deadline: a dominant lefty signed on a reasonable contract for 2 1/2 more seasons (3 1/2 in Hand’s case if you include his 2021 option).

Miller was better, but Hand is probably better than you think. All the following stats are since Hand became a full-time reliever in 2016: He has a 2.45 ERA, a.578 OPS against and has struck out 32.8 percent of the batters he has faced.

He is durable, having appeared in the third-most games during that time. He suffocates lefties (.461 OPS). And he is no creation of the pitching haven of Petco Park. His road OPS is.512, eighth best among the 145 relievers with at least 50 appearances.

It might be shocking to see a three-win team on this list, even with all the buzz generated by rookie Saquon Barkley. But as I’ve written previously, Barkley is the best RB Cheap College Jerseys prospect I’ve graded in recent memory. Between Barkley and new left tackle Nate Solder, the Giants’ offense is on the verge of imitating the defense’s own free-agency-and-draft-fueled turnaround of two years Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids ago.

Barkley should top 1,000 yards while pushing for Offensive Rookie of the Year, while Odell Beckham will be healthy again and tight end Evan Engram serves as a real matchup nightmare for people in coverage. Eli Manning might be in his late 30s, but I still think he’s three to four years away from the end.

Lance Lynn held L.A. to one run over eight innings with 10 strikeouts.

Remember your favorite pitching duel? Maybe it’s on this list. That’s a list of regular-season games since 1940 in which the starting pitcher for both teams posted a game score of at least 80. What does an 80 game score look like? Take this game from May 23 last season between the Cardinals Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys and Dodgers. Kershaw went nine frames, and also allowed one run and struck out 10. That’s a legit pitcher’s duel, though the game went to extra innings and neither starter ended up with a decision.

The benefit of all this to the health of starting pitchers is unclear. Last season, there were just seven pitchers aged 35 or older to throw at least 100 innings. That’s the fewest since 1995, which was a truncated season. Raise the threshold to 150 and there were just two — R.A. Dickey and John Lackey. Both are out of the league this year. So, if the trends of recent decades are paying off in terms of longer careers for starters, it’s not immediately clear. In 2007, there were 14 starters aged 35 or older to log at least 150 innings.

Vinnie Iyer: With the Rams moving on to Brandin Cooks and the Patriots unlikely to go after Beckham to replace him, a trade for Beckham makes sense only for three teams — the 49ers, Browns and Colts. They all have the need for a receiver like him and the means to both deal for him and sign him to a long-term deal. With Leonard, it would be fun to see what he could do for the Knicks or 76ers.

Very inconsistent. Could be a great deal, or get worse all the time. Has a fake smile, thinking he truly belongs up there among the clouds. Administrates facilities better than he facilitates administration. Boom or bust, either a loyal friend or selfish traitor.

An absolute mauler. Always out for blood. Caves in on opponents. Creates mismatches with tauntauns. Lack of arm is a concern.

Intimidated by the size of things but isn’t afraid to take the Cheap Custom Jerseys leader. Tougher than a womprat. Born to play on special teams.

AAF interested in Kaepernick, if Kaepernick is interested in AAF

The National Football League doesn’t want Colin Kaepernick. The Alliance of American Football does.

If Kaepernick wants the AAF.

Of course, Kaepernick may be very interested in playing in the NFL but not interested in playing for a lesser league. Even if the NFL has no apparent interest in him, for reasons apparently unrelated to ability.

”I don’t know the details as to why he hasn’t picked a home,” Cowboys executive Stephen Jones said Tuesday, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I am sure he is being very thoughtful about it. I am sure he has good people talking to him too. I am sure at the end of the day he is being thoughtful about what his next steps should be. I am sure he is working hard. No one is rooting for Dez more than we are.”

Jones said, according to Hill, that multiple teams have inquired about Bryant — and that whoever signs him will get a player who has extra motivation.

“You know at [NFL] meetings I have had different conversations Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys about him,” Jones said. “At the Competition Committee meeting, some of the coaches there speak to it. I’m sure other coaches have called our coaches and wanted input on him. The greatest thing about Dez is he is a fierce competitor. I think he is now more driven and more competitive than he has ever been. We wish him nothing but the best.”

If he’s going to be that driven and that much more competitive, why don’t the Cowboys bring him back? Why did they cut him in the first place, when they could have tried to negotiate a new contract with a lower salary?

Bills host Russell Shepard on free agent visit

The Bills will host receiver Russell Shepard for a free agent visit this week, Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News reports.

“It’s been impressive to watch Ryan really throw the football and the command he has of the offense,” Dolphins offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said, via Salguero. “The 2016 season, he had such a good year. For me, the first thing I did was turn on the [2017] OTAs and the training camp right before he got hurt and got to watch how much improvement and how much jump he had taken in Year 2, and it was unfortunate that he got hurt because obviously the offense was affected by it.”

That in and of itself would be a decent reason to settle. Regardless, you can expect that any settlement with the Giants featured some kind of non-disclosure agreement attached, which may mean that the case just drifts off into the maw. At the very least the case will now be out of the headlines, which is exactly the way that the Giants want it.

While Jeff Friesen celebrated his trade out of Anaheim just before that Cup season by suggesting there was no light at the end of the tunnel in Anaheim, the Ducks had far more going for them than this season’s Knights, given the presence of proven stars such as Paul Kariya and Petr Sykora.

There are far more plausible candidates to compete with the Knights in the two remaining sports. Pennsylvania-based readers might naturally be thinking about the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles right now, given that Carson Wentz & Co. were coming off two consecutive 7-9 seasons before they won the NFC East at 13-3 and ran the playoff table with Nick Foles.

The 23-year-old should be ready to join the Cowboys by the middle of training camp and is expected to be ready for the team’s regular-season opener Sept. 9 against the Panthers.

Foot injuries are not new to Collins as he broke his right Cheap Custom Hockey Jerseys foot during OTAs in 2016, his rookie year, and had to have surgery, missing most of training camp and the Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys preseason. He still played in every game that season, starting 14.

Former NFL QB’s advice to Baker Mayfield: ‘Remember who you are’

Baker Mayfield faces enormous expectations this season as the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Chad Pennington knows something about quarterbacking in the spotlight. The Jets’ first-round pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, Pennington spent six seasons as the team’s starter, his every move scrutinized by the New York media.

The Browns plan to enter the season with former Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor as the starter. Pennington agrees with that approach, and thinks Mayfield has a good attitude Cheap Online Jerseys about the situation.

“I love the fact that [Mayfield], in his mind, is competing for the job. That’s how you want his mindset to be,” Pennington said. “You just want him to be able to handle it if he doesn’t win the job to make sure that he does everything in the quarterback room to help that room be successful.”

Thank you to the Parker Police and South Metro Fire Rescue in Parker for getting to me asap, attending all my needs and transporting me to the hospital safely. Thank you to the doctors at Parker Adventist for treating me as a first class patient also. I’m very grateful and humbled to be alive. My family and I thanks everyone who has prayed for me over the last few days. My thoughts and prayers are with the other victims and I hope they all are safe and doing well. In the mean time I’m rehabbing and getting my body ready to participate in OTAs next week.

Broncos executive vice president Patrick Smyth tweeted a statement Monday that Henderson was already back at the team’s facility.

“We’re thankful that Broncos RB De’Angelo Henderson sustained only minor injuries as one of several accident victims when a car collided with his Jeep Saturday,” the statement read. “He was taken to the hospital as a precaution and is at the team’s facility preparing to participate in OTAs next week.”

According to Denver-area media reports, police in suburban Parker were Cheap Real Jerseys trying to stop a suspected stolen car just after 8 p.m. Saturday when it fled, crashing into several other cars. Four people were hospitalized, including two people in the suspected stolen car. All had been released by Sunday.

Bucs investigating after angry fan tweets threat to G.M.

It’s OK for a fan to not like a draft pick of his or her favorite team. He can even boo, or set fire to a jersey he bought or something.

But to suggest violence in response to that disagreement’s not acceptable, and Baseball Jerseys it’s amazing that I just spent time typing those words because somebody doesn’t realize that.

Somehow, Rogers felt that was justification to suggest murder. But, he’s not a psycopath, according to his self-diagnosis. He’s apparently just a guy with a skewed reality that makes it OK to joke about a brutal murder in response to a team picking a player other than the one he wanted.

It’s not unprecedented because Jarryd Hayne briefly made the 49ers as a running back and return man despite having only played Australian rugby, not American football, before giving the NFL a shot. Hayne only lasted eight games and says he thinks Mailata needs to understand how steep the learning curve is.

“You can go into the NFL and understand a little bit of what you’re going to learn, but until you sit down in a room and see the playbook, the defensive schemes, it just blows your mind,” Hayne told ”I went in there with some idea, like ‘oh yeah, I kind of get it’ but not only do you have to learn all the schemes, but you also change them every week. And it’s not one of those things where you get time to learn and change them; it’s like ‘BOOM we’re doing this now’ and you’re expected to know it.”

Hayne said a big difference that he struggled with was learning to see the field while wearing a helmet. Hayne infamously muffed the first punt he was sent back to return and Buy Cheap Jerseys Online struggled with seeing with a face mask in front of his eyes.

Report: Bruce Arians expected to join CBS broadcast as game analyst

Recently retired longtime Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is expected to join CBS as an NFL game analyst, according to Richard Deitsch of The Athletic.

Brogan Roback came to Eastern Michigan as the school’s first four-star quarterback. He leaves after leading the Eagles to their first winning season since 1995 in 2016, then to another competitive season this past fall where they were 5-7 and lost six straight games by seven or fewer points.

Now, Roback returns to Toledo to watch the draft.

Still, cleaning up Jackson’s mid-range and easier throw accuracy is a must, and any injury that limits his mobility might stifle his development as a passer.

About as polished and NFL-ready off the field as a team could ask for, Rudolph has the size, college experience and mental makeup to be in the NFL for a long time. Rudolph’s arm talent isn’t quite as impressive as that of Bradford, but his perimeter accuracy and confidence under pressure line up.

History, and rumors of an apparent infatuation with Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, suggests otherwise.

New York Jets Mike Maccagnan does not have much prior credit with the Jets’ fanbase, particularly after wasting a second-round pick on Christian Hackenberg in the 2016 draft, and has no room for error this year. After trading up to get to the third overall pick, missing on a quarterback with that selection would set the franchise back into the next decade and likely cost Maccagnan his job.

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers would have you believe that talk of his discontent at the Packers’ personnel moves is exaggerated, but what cannot be denied is that Green Bay need to stop wasting one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Rodgers can elevate his supporting cast on offense to another level, but the Packers still lack talented pass rushers and traded away one of their best defensive backs in Damarious Randall. If they cannot make improvements on the front seven and in the secondary in this draft it will likely be another year without a Lombardi Trophy for Rodgers. San Cheap Goalie Jerseys Soccer Francisco 49ers Trading for the man billed as Tom Brady’s successor has so far paid huge dividends and, with Cheap Embroidered NFL Jerseys the Jimmy Garoppolo deal and an impressive first draft on his resume, John Lynch already has a strong reputation as a GM. But Garoppolo can only take the 49ers so far.

Preston: The Ravens are finally thinking about life after Joe Flacco

Preston: The Ravens are finally thinking about life after Joe Flacco More I am glad Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti finally started thinking about life after Joe Flacco. Bisciotti didn’t want to approach that thought several months ago at the State of the Ravens news conference Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys after the 2017 season. At the time, he seemed to suggest Flacco had several more productive years ahead of him and that most franchise quarterbacks weren’t contemplating retirement at the age of 33, 34 or 35. But on Thursday night, the Ravens drafted Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson with the No. 32 overall pick in the first round and it’s apparent that the Ravens are thinking about life after Flacco.

The 6-foot-4, 255-pound Gates, a former college basketball player, entered the league with the Chargers in 2003 as an undrafted free agent out of Kent State.

Gates has 927 catches for 11,508 yards and 114 touchdowns over his career. He has been named to the Pro Bowl eight times and was a three-time first-team All-Pro selection (2004-06).

Kareem Jackson, CB, Houston: The Alabama product had his share of difficulties adjusting to the pro game when he first arrived in Houston, but steadily played himself into one of the more consistent corners in the league. He started all 16 games as a rookie and before the 2015 season signed a big free-agent deal to stay with the Texans. Jackson has 14 career interceptions, including a career-high four in 2012.

Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Detroit: Lions fans were never truly happy with Pettigrew during his time in Detroit. There were some highlights, including 71 catches in 2010 followed by 83 grabs the next season, along with five touchdowns. The production started to decline from there, and halfway through the 2015 season he suffered a torn ACL. It kept him out all of 2016 before the Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys Lions released him that December. He hasn’t played in the NFL since.

Top 10 QBs for 2019 NFL Draft: Will Grier, Jarrett Stidham lead the next wave

Did your favorite NFL team land its quarterback of the future in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft?

If not, then you’d better hope some quarterbacks take the next step before the 2019 NFL Draft. If you thought Baker Mayfield (No. 1 overall pick), Sam Darnold (3), Josh Allen (7), Josh Rosen (10) and Lamar Jackson (32) had questions, then get a load of our top 10 quarterbacks for the next draft class.

Alex Ovechkin had eight points in six games. Operative phrase: six games. No sphincter-clenching how-does-it-all-go-to-hell Game 7 pressure in D.C. Because if the series went that deep, obviously we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Emily Kaplan, national NHL reporter: The Capitals were in a precarious situation. Unburdened by outside expectations (no Presidents’ Trophy) the team actually felt more pressure than ever. They knew that their coach, Barry Trotz, was without a contract for next season and likely wouldn’t be back save for winning a Stanley Cup — and even then, it wasn’t a given. The Caps also knew that GM Brian MacLellan would drastically shake up the roster if they fell to the Penguins yet again.

So they put up one heck of a performance to win this series in six games. Of course, it helped that the Pens had played the equivalent of an extra half-season of hockey over their past two Stanley Cup runs. Washington also took advantage of Evgeni Malkin and Patric Hornqvist missing games with lingering injuries. The Penguins’ power play was uncharacteristically tame — oh, sorry, this is Capitals fan fiction. I meant to say that Washington extended its strong penalty killing from the Blue Jackets series. Also, I’m happy to report, no beer cans were chucked onto the ice.

But that can be difficult when there are consistently so many prospects of the high-risk, high-reward variety.

In any draft, there is always the option to stick with safe players, but often that means missing out on true elite-level talents.

Deciding whether to take the leap of faith on a boom-or-bust player is a significant challenge for general managers and here we look at the players in this year’s class who present such a dilemma.

Any player who scores eight touchdowns in a game, as Kalen Ballage did against Texas Tech in 2016, is going to be worthy of buzz.

But, having only topped 1,000 yards from scrimmage once in his collegiate career, there is concern Ballage may be a better athlete than football player.

Still, at 6-1 and 228 pounds with 4.4 speed, Ballage is an Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys athlete who will be tempting to many. The challenge for whoever takes a shot on him Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys will be to harness his abilities as a runner and a pass-catcher out of the backfield on a consistent basis.