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C.J. Miles sign-and-trade to Raptors nearing completion, according to report

The Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers are closing in on a deal to bring free agent C.J. Miles to Toronto in a sign-and-trade arrangement, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Raptors point guard Cory Joseph will head back to Indiana in the deal.

But those players can also choose not to do so. The thing about the max contract is that most players who are actually being paid the max are worth much more than that. Just ask LeBron James.

Most max level players will still be paid their max simply because other teams will pay them that if their current teams won’t. Paul Millsap is still making $30 million over the next two years, at least. Kyle Lowry will do the same at $33 million annually. They’d make that same money next year and the year after, simply because they’re All-Star level players.

It should be noted that Durant can sacrifice in a way those players can’t. He has more endorsement money coming in and has a Nike deal that could reach as much as $300 million. So $10 million per season for him isn’t as much of a sacrifice for him as it is other top tier players.

Still, many notable players have taken pay cuts over the years. Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh are all on that list. And now we can add Durant do it.

Will we see players continue to do this down the line? Probably. But Personalized Cheap Jerseys if we do, it’ll be because they chose to do so — not because the market Order Cheap Jerseys says they have to.
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In major shocker, Knicks display competence

The Sacramento Kings hired Scott Perry three months ago and proceeded to have their best run of player acquisition (on paper, at least) in a decade. Perry came in after working with Rob Hennigan in OKC and Orlando. The Magic didn’t fare too well under their watch, but Perry led strong NBA draft work for Sacramento and helped bring in veterans who have Kings fans feeling good about the future.

The Knicks, in desperate want of competence in the front office, liked what they saw. Being the Knicks GM is Perry’s dream job. As such, the Kings let him interview and he got the job. According to Woj, the Kings and Knicks are now just working out compensation.

After scoring just 21 points in his first five games, Ennis exploded for 20 points in the second quarter alone against the L.A. Clippers in the Golden State Warriors’ 109-100 win to finish up their run in the 2017 Las Vegas Summer League.

Ennis finished the game with a game-high 35 points, including a Vegas Summer League record eight threes. In addition to setting the 3-point record, Ennis’ 35 points is the second most points scored in a game in Vegas this summer so far.

Ennis went into halftime with 23 points after shooting 6-for-9 from the 3-point line in the first half. As this was the final game for both teams after Wholesale NBA Jerseys losses in the second round of the Las Vegas Summer League Tournament, Ennis UK Cheap Jerseys provided just the type of spark this completely meaningless game needed.

Oakland A’s Bark at the Park had good surfing dogs again

Felix Hernandez and Beltre were teammates for five years, and we’re sure that tons of fun was had between the two during that span. But they’ve become only more entertaining from an outsider’s perspective since Beltre left Seattle, and boy have they had some classic moments over the years.

There was the “oh shit!” home run off Felix that Beltre couldn’t believe.

There was the time when Beltre lined out right into Felix’s glove, and Felix tossed it right back to him as he walked back to the dugout.

Sometimes the moments aren’t as blink-and-you’ll-miss-them, like the one game where they spent more or less the entire time jawing at each other jokingly back and forth:

It’s a tradition unlike any other. Lots of MLB teams have their own version of Bark at the Park — the White Sox broke a world record with so many good dogs (1,122, to be exact) at their ballpark last year. The A’s, for their part, have a cooler way to have fun with their good dogs: surfing.

I feel like every MLB team should have a wave pool for dogs Cheap Vintage NHL Jerseys from now on. The A’s can’t have this for themselves. I want this to be a topic of discussion at MLB owners’ meetings — how do we improve Bark at the Park and make sure the good doggos hang ten in front of the fans? Have a separate budget to rent out wave pools, then buy a bunch of sunglasses that can fit the dogs’ heads, then hire Washed Out and Toro y Moi to write new chillwave songs to soundtrack the surfing footage, maybe buy Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping dog-friendly Tommy Bahama shirts. These are all free ideas, MLB. Use them.

We regret to inform you that The Freeze lost his All-Star Game race

Maybe The Freeze isn’t a superhuman, after all. The Atlanta Braves costumed sensation made a name for himself this season by racing contestants between innings — giving his opponents a massive head start and still (usually) winning.

Drat — and just like that, a hero falls. Congratulations to the speedy fan who took him down, but it’s always hard to see beloved heroes like The Freeze lose their touch. After all, some kid was out there, watching excitedly in his Freeze costume, holding his Freeze action figure … only to watch his favorite hero get dusted by some fan.

And yes, The Freeze has lost before — but the stakes were so much higher tonight. This was the gosh dang All-Star Game and The Freeze had his chance to prove he was an All-Star.

Another great moment in The Freeze’s history. And even if he didn’t win at the All-Star Game, hopefully there are many more great moments to come.

Back then, though, there were just a couple of relievers traded, and the Mariners got most of them. Which brings us to the next section.

If you’ve never explored baseball newsgroups from the ‘90s, I heartily encourage it. It’s absolutely necessary perspective to read lengthy missives from people who are absolutely freaking out because their team traded Hancy Drendelaza. You realize that nothing matters, prospects always disappoint you, everyone is wrong, and baseball keeps moving on.

I used to have opinions on Jason Bay, if you can imagine.

And for my money, it’s hard to get a better freakout than Mariners fans had over Jose Cruz, Jr. being traded for Paul Spoljaric and Mike Timlin. Cruz was ranked the top prospect Cheap USA Basketball Jerseys in the Mariners’ system in 1996 and 1997, and he started his MLB career hitting Cheap Vikings Jerseys China dingers, with a .268/.315/.541 line in his first 198 plate appearances.

Brewers trade for White Sox reliever Anthony Swarzak, send back Ryan Cordell

Anthony Swarzak is going taking the quick trip from Chicago to Milwaukee as the Brewers have traded for the right-handed reliever to help solidify their bullpen as they continue to fight for the division against the Cubs.

The White Sox are currently on a “road trip” but as they’re just on the other side of the city playing the Cubs, Swarzak gets to leave Wrigley, head to Washington to meet the Brewers during their series against the Nationals, and then go right back to Wrigley on Friday when the Brewers head to Chicago looking to put some space between them and the Cubs for the division lead.

With Chris Sale pitching, Yunel Escobar bashed one to straightaway center, it wouldn’t have been a home run but it most certainly would have been a few bases at the least. But that wasn’t to be on this night, as JBJ made a fantastic leaping catch at the wall.

Watching him control his physicality in the air is impressive all on it’s own – that’s not an easy catch to track and execute at that angle – but the fact that he slammed into the wall in the process and held on to the ball like it was nothing is beyond impressive.

For those who missed it, Bradley has been doing this type of thing for a while. It’s not just a special West Coast talent that he breaks out a few games a year.

This probably won’t be the last time we see JBJ show off like Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale this Cheap Reversible Jerseys either. Beware, Sox opponents, your center field hits aren’t sure things while he’s on the roster.

‘Freak of nature’ Julius Peppers leading by example in return to Carolina

Julius Peppers is not much of a talker.

He’s never been a player to do many media interviews during his 16-year NFL career, but he doesn’t even say much to his teammates.

The football world said, “It can’t get worse than a quarterback out of Arena Football (David Olson, Ravens), or off some team’s practice squad (Josh Woodrum, again, Ravens).’’ The Dolphins replied, “Hold my beer.”

Quarterbacks? That’s so 2016. Now, we’re into ex-quarterbacks. If Cutler was ahead of Kaepernick in line — when it was assumed he wasn’t in line at all — then everybody’s ahead of him. But who does that mean, exactly?

Theoretically, Kaepernick is still in the hunt for potential openings, either through injury or roster cutdowns. But in practice, his competition now includes quarterbacks who have been let go, and anyone who played the position within the last few years — not necessarily limited to the NFL.

Christian Ponder, Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow: They all were named in various reports as players the Dolphins considered before signing Cutler. Orton retired after the 2014 season with the Bills. Ponder was the 49ers’ No. 3 quarterback last season, behind Kaepernick and Gabbert. Tebow kind of doesn’t play football anymore.

So let’s say that Ben Roethlisberger, the guy who turns a two-month injury into a one-game absence, surprises everyone and actually retires instead Quality Cheap Jerseys of just teasing it. That would leave the Steelers with a Super Real Madrid Cheap Jerseys Bowl-winning coach, one of the league’s top wide receivers, maaaaybe the best offensive weapon (depending on what happens with Le’Veon Bell’s contract next offseason), and a defense on the rise. And no real option under center (sorry, Landry Jones).

He had been wearing a brace on the knee during camp.

When the Jaguars selected Gabbert with the 10th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, they thought the former Missouri standout would be their franchise quarterback for years to come. But he struggled during three disappointing seasons that saw the Jaguars go through three head coaches. He was traded to San Francisco in 2014 and became the starter late in the 2015 season following an injury to Colin Kaepernick.

Gabbert’s play was underwhelming during his three seasons with the 49ers, who also went through three head coaches in as many years. Gabbert was San Francisco’s opening-day starter last season, but eventually lost his job after throwing for 925 yards with five touchdowns and six interceptions in five starts.

The deal is for one year and $10 million, plus incentives, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The contract has a $5 million salary base, with a $5 million bonus and up to $3 million in incentives, NFL Media reported.

Cutler’s previous relationship with Dolphins coach Adam Gase proved to be the reason the team signed Cutler instead of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Tannehill’s left knee buckled during a scramble Thursday morning and it was initially reported he simply had a hyperextended left knee. An MRI the next day proved inconclusive and he sought a second and third opinion. Tannehill, who Patriots Cheap Jerseys is in his sixth season out of Texas A&M, was later seen walking into the Dolphins training facility with a slight limp.

Tannehill missed the final three games of the regular season Pittsburgh Steelers Cheap Jerseys and the Dolphins’ playoff loss to Pittsburgh after spraining ligaments in his left knee.

The Cowboys did win a Super Bowl following the 1995 season with Barry Switzer

Jones gave Johnson control over player personnel decisions when he hired him, but Jones wanted more of a say in those decisions as the owner. The standoff came to a head in 1994 and Johnson stepped down in March.

“After Jimmy screwed up and we parted ways… I come home and, of course, [wife] Gene has been watching the news and finds out about it and I lay down,” Jones said. “It’s as silent as anything you can imagine. After I laid there a minute, she just looks over and says, ‘You can’t stand it, can you? You just absolutely, when it gets going, you’ve just got to get in it and mess it up.’ I was asked what I said, and I just shut up and went to sleep.”

The Cowboys did win a Super Bowl following the 1995 season with Barry Switzer, but Johnson’s relationship with Jones remained fractured.

“I’ve been knowing Jimmy going on 45 years,” Jones said. “We played together. You didn’t have scholarship meals when we were playing. Me and him been to the grocery store together putting them sandwiches together.

“He inspired me and I know I inspired him too.

“What you can’t misinterpret here is how much I appreciate him and how we worked together,” Jones added. “We’ve got one of those up-and-down brother relationships.”

Sammy Watkins has never managed to stay healthy and is scheduled to become a free agent after the team declined his fifth-year option. LeSean McCoy is the most dangerous man on offense, but he’d be 30 when Cousins joined the team in 2018. The Order Cheap Jerseys other interesting option is Zay Jones, but it’s way too early to know if the East Carolina Nike NFL Jerseys Size Chart product is a worthwhile option.

Getting more help would be much easier if Buffalo doesn’t commit $28 million or so per year to a quarterback.

Blaine Gabbert keeps away Kaepernick comps with impressive Cardinals debut

Third-and-12 might seem meaningless in a preseason game, but you still make the play.

The Cardinals’ Blaine Gabbert faced that situation on the second drive of the Hall of Fame Game against the Cowboys at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium on Thursday. Arizona’s third-string quarterback zipped a pass on a crossing route to tight Troy Niklas for a 20-yard gain and another first down.

“He’s got a lot of great attributes, and one of the best, I think, is his first name,” Kraft joked “Secondly, as Coach and I have described, he was a great player for us for nearly a decade. But, equally important to me, he was a great ambassador in our community and always represented us in a very classy way and always was available to do whatever our people asked him, interacting with fans of all ages.

“But one attribute stands out above all the others. I think he’s probably had the greatest beard in franchise history. In a region that truly likes and respects playoff beards, he possessed one of the best — sorry to all the others here — that [Boston] has ever seen. His beard put most of those hockey playoff beards to shame. He had a kind of a Yukon Cornelius look going.”

Ninkovich played in 131 NFL games with 101 starts and recorded 425 total tackles, 46 sacks, five interceptions, including one he returned for a touchdown, with NFL Jerseys China 22 passes defensed, 10 forced fumbles, 14 fumble recoveries and 28 NHL Cheap Jerseys special teams tackles. He also played in 17 postseason games with 16 starts and finished with 64 total tackles, six sacks, one interception, seven passes defensed, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

Locked dorm forces Martellus Bennett to sleep in Packers locker room

Martellus Bennett had a sleepover that would make any Green Bay fan jealous.

The Packers tight end, who was acquired from the Patriots earlier this offseason, made the drive from his home in Chicago to St. Norbert College in Ashwaubenon, Wisc., for training camp late Tuesday night, only to discover the dorm he was supposed to stay in was locked.

Rather than sleeping outside following his tardy arrival, Bennett instead drove to Lambeau Field and slept on the floor in front his locker.

I love this city, but that is also one of the problems, Clifford said, per The Charlotte Observer. It’s not OK. We have to get past the point (where trying hard is enough). We’re good now. We’re not the Hornets of five years ago.

I love our fans, (but) everybody saying, ‘Great effort!’ that’s not OK. If we run back on defense and don’t turn the ball over, that’s a great win.

My point, and I think this is an important point, is we have to get past the point where there is such low expectations here that trying hard is a moral victory.

The Hornets (23-23) have made the playoffs twice in Clifford’s first three seasons as coach. In the two seasons before his arrival, the team formerly known as the Bobcats were 28-120.

This season, they’re tied for sixth in the East — but just 1 1/2 games ahead of ninth-place Milwaukee.

Clifford knows his team needs to get into a higher gear down Cheap Jerseys And Hats the stretch. He’s hoping his call to action, to everyone in town, prompts Cheap Jerseys Baseball players and fans to hit the accelerator.