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Lance Lynn held L.A. to one run over eight innings with 10 strikeouts.

Remember your favorite pitching duel? Maybe it’s on this list. That’s a list of regular-season games since 1940 in which the starting pitcher for both teams posted a game score of at least 80. What does an 80 game score look like? Take this game from May 23 last season between the Cardinals Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys and Dodgers. Kershaw went nine frames, and also allowed one run and struck out 10. That’s a legit pitcher’s duel, though the game went to extra innings and neither starter ended up with a decision.

The benefit of all this to the health of starting pitchers is unclear. Last season, there were just seven pitchers aged 35 or older to throw at least 100 innings. That’s the fewest since 1995, which was a truncated season. Raise the threshold to 150 and there were just two — R.A. Dickey and John Lackey. Both are out of the league this year. So, if the trends of recent decades are paying off in terms of longer careers for starters, it’s not immediately clear. In 2007, there were 14 starters aged 35 or older to log at least 150 innings.

Vinnie Iyer: With the Rams moving on to Brandin Cooks and the Patriots unlikely to go after Beckham to replace him, a trade for Beckham makes sense only for three teams — the 49ers, Browns and Colts. They all have the need for a receiver like him and the means to both deal for him and sign him to a long-term deal. With Leonard, it would be fun to see what he could do for the Knicks or 76ers.

Very inconsistent. Could be a great deal, or get worse all the time. Has a fake smile, thinking he truly belongs up there among the clouds. Administrates facilities better than he facilitates administration. Boom or bust, either a loyal friend or selfish traitor.

An absolute mauler. Always out for blood. Caves in on opponents. Creates mismatches with tauntauns. Lack of arm is a concern.

Intimidated by the size of things but isn’t afraid to take the Cheap Custom Jerseys leader. Tougher than a womprat. Born to play on special teams.